Spiral Direct ANGEL DESPAIR Ladies Fish Tail Full Zip Hoodie Soul/Wing/Top/Skull

spiral | March 12, 2020

Brand New, Officially Licensed ANGEL DESPAIR – Ladies Fish Tail Full Zip Hoodie Zip Sleeve By Spiral Direct. A blessed celestial existence can be fraught with the pain of loss. Loved ones just out of reach, memories clinging to your immortal soul like parasites. If you love someone you must let them go? . Ladies […]

SPIRAL DIRECT SERAPHIM Allover Baggy LADIES Top Angel/Fashion/Wings

spiral | February 11, 2020

Brand New Spiral Direct Seraphim – All Over Baggy Top Black. In the bleakest of moments, trust in the comforting embrace of a heavenly guardian. The all-over print mimics the feathers of two large angel wings encompassing the wearer in a protective hold. All Over Baggy Top Black is made of Top Quality 100% Cotton, […]

Spiral Direct CAPTIVE SPIRIT Hoodie Angel/Celtic/Skulls/Wings/Metal/Rock/Biker

spiral | August 19, 2019

Brand New Spiral Direct CAPTIVE SPIRIT – Hoodie. Bound to this mortal coil by the chains of eternity, a blindfolded angel struggles to free herself in the hopes of ascending back to the Heavens that had previously cast her asunder. Held captive, her spirit will not rest. Hoodie is made of Top Quality 100% Cotton, […]

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